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Design Management

A service designed to take away the noise and administrative burden that comes with being a lead consultant and managing a design team.

Who are we engaged by?

Architects employ us to manage the project design team on their behalf. Some do this because they think that the management aspects of a project distract their architects from performing the job they are best suited to, which is design, others because they are comfortable in the knowledge that they have expert consultants focusing purely on protecting their interests.

Our design management service has been designed to take away the noise and administrative burden that comes with managing a design team. We offer support with everything from financial management at bid stage through to monitoring progress and writing your reports. The support we offer depends on the type of issues that arise.

We are your right hand man, your go to team of people on any project. Have we got your attention? Read on to see how we do this and how we can help you.

How we work

How we work is really up to each architect and each project. Some architects like us to be hands on with the client, representing the design team. Others like us to be in the background, purely looking after the internal design team, out of sight of the client.

Whichever route we go down, the first thing to do is strike up a relationship with the architectural team. If we are to be trusted to support you with your project, then we feel that we need to get to know each other.

Setting the project up correctly will be the main focus of the early days. The saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ is very true and despite it taking your attention away from the fun designing stuff, it’s important we work together to nail this down.

Ensuring we get the design programme created and importantly, getting buy-in from your design team (what’s the point in making a target that the rest of your team cannot commit to!), and then getting your various processes and procedures in place will make for a smoother running project.

You can then crack on with the fun stuff…. Design, Design, Design! All you need to know is that we are right by your side along every step of your journey.

If the full management support is not something that you require, but you think that a bit of help would be useful then we are more than happy to take parts of our service, carve it up into small chunks and give you exactly what you need. Just talk to us to see how we can support you.

Typical Scope

Much of what we can do to support you is tailored. Every architect is different, as is every project, and as such every task we carry out is tweaked as required to make sure it fits your style.

Our bespoke design management services are tailor made to your project needs to facilitate the following:

  • Allow designers the freedom to focus on design.
  • Benefit from the advice of an independent consultant who has empathy with the challenges faced by designers.
  • Focus on the project set-up, including contractual and financial issues, project communication, scope, key dates and procedure plans.
  • Plan and monitor design progress, including interfaces with other consultants and client team, through a specially developed and innovative approach.
  • Provide senior executives with advice and visual aids to allow key decisions to be made at critical points.
  • Remove administrative burden from the design team.
  • Record and document events, issues, decisions and progress for future reference and client notifications.
  • Build a culture of collaboration within the design team and externally.

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