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The changing world of Specifications

In a rare quiet moment recently I started to think about how the world of specifications had changed and improved over the last 30 years and quickly came to the conclusion that yes they had indeed changed but whether they have improved is less certain. One thing for sure is that our industry has once again contrived to…

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Can the contractual fence be broken down?

Despite the undoubted improvements in the way we create and deliver buildings since I came into the industry in 1972 (is it really that long ago?), there are some things that remain the same, always have and always will. One of these is that any building, requires contracts, systems and management tools that link a…

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‘Change or Die’ – Architects Journal July Column

We are delighted that Nick is writing a monthly column for Architects Journal in their Specification publication. This is a great opportunity for us to support designers by sharing our knowledge, and exploring and challenging some key issues and topics relevant to our industry. We hope that you find the articles interesting and enjoyable, and…

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Redefining Outline Specifications

In an attempt to innovate and prepare for the future we have been spending a lot of time thinking about new ways of producing specifications and becoming familiar again with the ‘why’ of Specifications. Why are they needed? When are they needed? What are they being used for at key stages? All good questions. We…

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A Catalyst for Change

Continuing the theme of change and the effect of recession as a catalyst for change, what have I noticed since being back in the UK? The most noticeable change is the ever increasing influence of contractors who seek to build stronger direct relationships with clients who in turn seek more reliable outcomes in terms of…

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Change in the Construction Industry

After four years living and working in the Middle East it has been interesting to see what has changed in the UK construction industry during that time. Recession is a catalyst for change that can remove waste, challenge existing relationships, test behaviours, changes working practices and stimulates new business strategies. So the question is what…

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