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Schumann ConsultThe beginning... - Schumann Consult

The beginning…

These are exciting times. History has shown time and time again that opportunity arises from recession, especially for businesses that innovate and move with the times. We believe that Schumann Consult is one such business and now three weeks in we can draw breath and explain a little about who we are, what we do and why. The interest shown in our activities by clients, friends, colleagues, etc. old and new has been very positive and we are very grateful for their support, which will help us our focus on building a business that responds to the changing needs of the construction industry at home and abroad and create a culture that people will want to work with and for.

A bit about the founders

nickNick Schumann was a co-founder of Schumann Smith in 1986 and became an Equity Partner of Davis Langdon in May 2000 after a successful merger of the two companies. Between 2000 and 2012 Nick oversaw the growth of specification and design management with Davis Langdon working for many of the world’s top design firms on projects across multiple sectors, geographies and scales. He is now widely considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on specifications and design management. In 2008 he moved to Dubai as part of Davis Langdon’s three man Leadership Team for operations throughout the Middle East, taking special responsibility for all Consultancy Services (i.e. specifications, design management, facilities management, management consulting, legal support, master-planning and asset management), as well being manager for all Davis Langdon services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In April 2012 he decided to leave and initially set up Atorus Consult with another ex Davis Langdon Partner, Erland Rendall, but in January 2013 following a re-examination of his priorities decided to focus on his core strengths and set up Schumann Consult. You can find Nick on Twitter and LinkedIn here should you want to get in touch.

markMark Schumann was a Director of Davis Langdon, having joined the firm in 2001 straight from university, where he gained a First in Project Management.  He quickly progressed and after spending time living and working in the UK and New York relocated to Dubai in July 2009 where he headed up and built Davis Langdon’s Specification and Design Management teams operating across the Middle East. In December 2012 he decided to move his family back to the UK and took the opportunity of investing in and joining Schumann Consult. You can find Mark on Twitter and LinkedIn here should you want to get in touch.

Dealing with the elephant in the room

We are both proud and excited to be seen as a father-son team, which to us is nothing new, having worked together for over 10 years during our time at Davis Langdon. We understand each other very well, have complementary skills, share the same vision and now feel free to operate as independent consultants in a modern way. Our culture will focus on treating staff, clients and colleagues as family; retaining the trust, confidence and belief that quality will always shine through and will be at the centre of everything we do.

Why have we set up a business?

Apart from the fact that we like working together and have a desire to take the world of specifications and design management to a new level the main catalyst has been the encouragement received from clients, friends and colleagues to offer an alternative. Our specialisms may not be something that challenges life as an astronaut or professional sportsperson as the most exciting profession, but in the world of construction the design process is a fundamental factor for project success where top quality specifications, good team management and associated advice are essential, so by contributing to that process we become valued and experience considerable satisfaction. Supporting Designers is our mantra, and the services that we provide are aimed at helping and supporting designers in a professional, innovative and proactive way. We won’t go into detail about what these services are, you can read all about it on our website or even better let us come and talk to you.

Being social

We aim to be a very social business. We want to embrace social media, blogs, etc. as a platform for engaging with our clients, staff and the industry as a whole. Our primary focus for social media will be on sharing knowledge and the experiences that we have stored away in the grey matter that we hope to portray through our various social channels. It is not a focus of ours to tell the social world what projects we are working on, or how great we think we are, but rather leave it up to you, the audience, to decide whether we deliver or not. Hopefully, it will be insightful and interesting. You have already found our blog, but we also have a Twitter feed, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ company pages where we encourage you to engage with us.

We are also keen to open our blog up to other members of our industry. We want to hear what you have to say and we would welcome and encourage you to use our blog to have your say. If you would like to guest blog for us then please just drop us a line.

And finally…

The journey begins. Where will it end? Who knows, but we have a very encouraging pipeline of work, low overheads, an array of skills and experience but most importantly, complete trust in what each of us is doing. There will be challenges ahead, but we are excited about the future and what we can offer clients, so why not give us a try.

Mark Schumann

Mark Schumann

Mark Schumann is the Founder and Director of Schumann Consult.
Mark Schumann

Posted on January 21, 2013 in Business, Staff

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